It is six o’clock when I open the door and smell the familiar scent of home sweet home. 35 days without cleaning shows off when I see a small cloud of dust floating peacefully on the floor. I could really need a hotels cleaning services now! I throw my stuff on the floor, take the […]

The sun has returned to Helsinki and for this reason I choose to go and visit perhaps the most interesting district in Helsinki – Kallio. This concrete jungle is a former living place of working people and families, but now it has been claimed by young adults and unemployed artist. Kallio is really urban district […]

Long day at the office is behind and I arrive to the hotel pretty late. I lay on the bed put some music on and start typing. I’m typing to the rhythm of the music and more likely my text will have full of mistakes. Today I haven’t done anything interesting and the day went […]

10-hour monday shifts suck, for real. After six hours of working it is killing hard to stay awake, maybe I should sleep more or maybe I’m still tired because of the weekend, maybe both, I don’t know. It feels like the gravity is 3 times heavier on my eyelids and for a quick moment I […]

I’m still dead tired because of my Tallinn trip even though I slept pretty well last night. Tallinn has seriously sucked all the energy out of me, but I won’t let the fatigue matter and I drag myself to a Sunday brunch. This time I didn’t want to use the help of Internet and just […]

Oh Tallinn, Tallinn. Time is 18.30 when I arrive back from south to my beloved hometown Helsinki. Tanned (sun always shines in the south) and feeling “awesome”  I walk out of the ship and take a cab to Hotel Finn. Yesterday was “tallinnish” incredible. Tallinn or what I prefer to call Finnish Mexico is really […]

“It’s raining, raining” what Rihanna would say about the weather in Helsinki now, but I don’t care because today I’m going on a journey to the south. It’s is basically mandatory to travel once a year to Finnish Mexico – Tallinn Estonia. Our small southern neighbor is actually part of the Helsinki tourism also, because […]


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